Raised on Georgian Corn
Our Hatchery

One of the competitive advantages of our company is modern hatchery. The up-to-date technologies of controlling microclimate, also the system of controlling temperature and humidity level allow us to create the ideal conditions for chick embryo development.

We constructed the hatchery together with our partner Hatchtech. Headquartered in Netherlands, Hatchtech has become the global leader in incubation equipment industry, by creating innovative climate-control system.

Our Farms

BioBio chickens are raised in modern European standard farms. We create all necessary conditions to raise the healthy chicken.

In our complex we have breeder, pullet and broiler farms. Farms are highly automatized. Feed and water is delivered automatically what guarantees that chicken gets right amount of food, at the right time, and also ensures the farms from external poisoning. The minimal contact with human preserves chicken from various illnesses.

Chirina company constructed farms with two different partners. The leading company of Israel- Agrotop planned and built pullet breeder and broiler farms.

Big Dutchman installed the equipment of farms and implemented the automatized system. Dutch and American company Big Dutchman has 75 years of experience in poultry industry. Today the company is presented on 5 continents in more than 100 countries, and is regarded as a leader in farm equipment and feed management systems.