Raised on Georgian Corn
Meat Processing Plant

Chirina Company owns the first entirely automatized meat processing line in Georgia. Modern equipment, provided by our Dutch partner Meyn, meets all international standards and guarantees the ideal cleanness of the chicken inside out.

Chirina implemented the innovative Air Chilling technology in the processing line. This technology unlike its predecessor – water chilling, is created to ensure the perfect drying of the meat, thus the amount of water in the end product is set to minimum. As the result, our consumer pays for meat and not frozen water.

Waste Treatment

One of the prevailing priorities of our company is caring for our environment. Chirina implemented modern systems of waste treatment to ensure that production process is safe for the nature.

Together with our Dutch partner Nijhuis Water Technologies, we installed the innovative water treatment system, which filters the water used in production, and clear water goes to a canal. This way Chirina protects our nature from polluting.


Biubiu Distributin

Our Partner company “Georgian  Broiler” is equipped with modern distribution trucks. They have temperature control systems, which ensure the safe delivery of BioBio chicken to every retail spot.

Especially for fresh chicken, we’ve put retail boxes in Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi. There we have created perfect conditions for storing and selling the fresh meat.