Raised on Georgian Corn
Our Company

Chirina Ltd. the producer of Biu-Biu chicken, is the largest poultry producer in Southern Caucasian region. Our company is vertically integrated; this integration allows us to control the quality at each stage of the production – starting from cultivating raw materials for feed, till distribution and selling of poultry products.

ISO Standards

Chirina Company has started ISO 22000 certifying process according to the HACCP concept. Under the framework of ISO 22000 Chirina Company implements the quality management system, which meets the international standards. This system ensures the best quality of end product.

Our competitive advantages

  1. Chirina is the vertically integrated company, which controls the quality at each production stage.
  2. BioBio chickens are fed with Georgian corn
  3. All types of grain are tested in laboratory before processing
  4. In our combined feed mill, we prepare complete, granulated feed for our birds, without adding any hormones or GMOs.
  5. The innovative incubation system ensures the appropriate development of chick embryo.
  6. The whole process in farms is automatized. Chicken is raised in clean, healthy environment.
  7. Meat is processed on high standard production line, with minimum human intervention that results in the high quality, clean end product.
  8. Air chilling technology turns the chicken perfectly dry, and our consumer doesn’t pay for water.
  9. Chirina cares for our nature. Treats the waste, and doesn’t pollute environment.
  10. Well organized distribution channel ensures safe delivery of BioBio products to all retail spots throughout Georgia.