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How to Choose a Chicken
How to Choose a Chicken

Prior to heading for a supermarket or a market for buying a chicken, it is desirable to know two things in advance: what are you going to cook and for whom are you going to cook. Will you need the whole chicken or wings, or perhaps a fillet? Decision-making is very simple. Search for a desirable recipe on our site and consider the table of servings below:




Number of servings

Amount of minced meat


300-700 gr.


100-175 gr.

Broiler Chicken

700-1000 gr.


300-400 gr.

Average size hen

1-1.5 kg.


500-650 gr.

Larger hen

1.6 – 2.2 kg


800 – 1000 gr.

Quality chicken (Photo with the text)

  1. Good chicken has a rounded breast
  2. The skin of the new chicken is dry and elastic
  3. Muscle texture is solid and elastic and light pink in color. The surface is slightly wet, but not sticky.
  4. Skin is soft, covered with small bumps and tightly stuck to meat. It usually is of white-pinkish color.
  5. Fat should have lighter color, yellowish, without any strange smell.
  6. Chicken should be absolutely clean and all unnecessary parts should be removed from the cavity.


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