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How to Choose a Chicken
Where to Buy a Chicken?

If eating is not only a need for you, but also a precondition to healthy lifestyle and a pleasure, then choosing the right product is a responsible task indeed. Consider our tips before shopping:

  1. Buy from a store you trust. Responsible markets keep their stores and products fresh and clean, and the temperature in their refrigeration cases is carefully monitored.
  2. Rely on trusted brandmake sure that a brand is responsible for the safety and cleanness of its product. Biubiu is always providing chicken, which is constantly fresh and delicious.
  3. If buying fresh poultry - make sure the package is clean, cold, sealed tight without rips or leaks, sold from a refrigerated poultry case and within the proper date. Fresh chicken can be stored in the fridge for 5 days/nights.
  4. If buying frozen poultry make sure that the package is clean, not damaged and rock-solid to the touch. The packaging should not have pinkish crystals on it. It means that the chicken was defrosted and then refrozen. This contributes to multiplication of bacteria and considerably deteriorates taste and texture of the chicken.
  5. Pick up fresh or frozen poultry toward the end of the shopping trip, so it stays cold for as long as possible.
  6. Refrigerate as soon as possible or within half an hour of buying.
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