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How to remove backbone from the chicken

Removing the backbone is more convenient with two sharp knives – one long and one short knife.

  1. Cut both wing ends
  2. Cut the chicken along the breast
  3. Place the chicken on the back, cut the cavity from neck down till the end without damaging a bone
  4. By pressing a knife against the bone, remove meat from the ribs one by one until you get to the legs and wings
  5. Hold a chicken with the leg and cut along the bone, cleaning the meat around the cartilage.
  6. Then make a cut along a thigh and a drumstick from bone to bone and remove the bone with circular motion from bottom to the top. Repeat the same on the second leg
  7. Now hold a leg and cut the thigh by pressing the knife on the bone.
  8. Cut the tail, try to carefully and neatly clean the meat near the backbone without damaging the skin
  9. Turn the wing, separate bone from meat and remove the bone. 

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