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How to stew a Chicken
What to add while stewing?

Chicken can be stewed simply in water, though sauce is not that aromatic as, for example, when stewed in stock. We usually don’t have chicken or vegetable stock on hand, so we can simply add vegetables and spices in vessel. Chicken can be stewed in sour cream, cream, and wine or in its own gravy.

Sour cream or cream 

It is better to use natural, unsterilized cream and sour cream; gravy is more nutritious. If sour cream is too thick you can add water, cream or warm stock in a separate bowl and then add to meat. Do not use acid ingredients with sour cream and cream, such as vinegar, as the sauce will blow up.


Always use high quality dry white, red or rose wine. It is better to use the wine you will serve to the table. Only in this case you will get the best result. Never use cheap wine. If you cannot afford high quality one, replace it with vegetable stock or add half a lemon to the water and add to meat.

Its own stock  

If you decide to stew chicken in its own stock, use juicy vegetables, for example sweet pepper, tomato, pumpkin, and onions – in this case you won’t need to add fat – vegetable will enrich the taste of the chicken and you will get an excellent side dish or gravy. If you want to use vegetables as a side dish, then cut it in even size pieces and place them one by one in the pot, so that it is evenly cooked. While cooking stock/gravy, even cutting and special arrangement of vegetables in the pot is not decisive. After the vegetables are cooked, they should be drained on a sieve, then blended, added with stock and seasoned to get the most delicious and aromatic gravy. 

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