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How to stew a Chicken
Which vessel to use


It is a round-shaped or oval pot made of ceramic or fireproof glass, with an airtight lid. Food cooked in such casserole is very delicate, juicy and aromatic.


Thick bottom pot 

Ceramic pot or pot made of cast iron with a thick bottom, which heats up evenly, and retains heat for a long time – the sides of such pots are not usually high, they are about 5-7 cm thick. The lid is airtight and meat and vegetables are stewed in their own gravy.  Our grandmothers used such pots, thus they can be found in any house.


Sauce Pot

This vessel is partly pot and partly a frying pan, which is often used for preparing different sauces, though if it has thick bottom and an airtight lid, would be ideal for stewing.


Clay pot

Food cooked in such pots retains nutritional value as it is cooked in its own gravy, wine, sour cream, or stock. It is convenient for individual serving.


Slow cooker

Ideal way out for busy housewives. Such pot can retain evenly low temperature of 60-120 C for a long time. And what is important - you do not need to attend to it – you simply put the ingredients into the pot, program it, cover the lid and push the start button. The rest the cooker does itself, and after the meal is cooked, it retains warm temperature. 

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