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How to roast a Chicken

Everybody knows that frying on the pan is not the healthiest way of cooking meals, but it is so difficult to say no to most delicious crunchy cutlets! And why should we say no to the pleasure, when if properly fried meal will not be harmful to us? I will explain some basic rules you need to know:

Use frying pans with thick bottom, better made of cast iron, steel or ceramics.

  • Such frying plans distribute the heat evenly. If you are inexperienced and not fully self-confident, you can use non-stick frying pans, but keep in mind that such pans often have thin bottom and get heated too fast.

For frying use oil which can be used for high temperatures.

  • Refined vegetable oil is not very healthy (please read in the internet about the process of refining, and you will be assured). Use unrefined peanut oil, or extra virgin olive oil; they can be heated to up to 190 C. It is also good to cook in boiled butter, which unlike butter, does not burn on high flame, but will give light touch of walnut aroma to your meal.
  • If you are not going to sauté, do not apply too much oil on the frying pen
  • For frying fatty parts touch of oil on the frying pen is sufficient, while for cutlets you should use oil no more than 2 millimeters high.

Pre-heat the frying pan very well before frying

  • Add oil and wait until it is hot, otherwise crunchy skin will not be there and the meat will be stuck to the frying pan surface as well. To know when the frying pan is sufficiently heated, it is enough to keep a palm on top of it – oil should not smoke, but enough heat to make you want move your palm aside. Fry the meat piece from each side until it is brown, then lower the flame to medium heat and continue frying, periodically turning the pieces. If the pieces are too big, after it gets brown, cover the frying pan with a lid and continue cooking on a low flame.

If you are frying a lot of meat, for each portion, clean the frying pan from the remains of the previous portion cooked and change the oil.

If vegetable oil started producing smoke, it means that it is overheated.

  • In this case you can either add cold oil, or remove the frying pan from the stove and wait until temperature drops and then start frying meat.

Do not place pieces densely on the frying pan

  • Steam produced during frying makes it difficult to cook the surface of the meat; while when turning the pieces flower/means coating gets damaged.

It is not necessary to turn the chicken often while frying

  • Usually turning is needed when one side is nearly cooked. And remember, you cannot eat half cooked chicken meat. 
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