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How to roast a Chicken
Breast fillet – how to cook it so that it becomes tender and juicy?

How often have you heard that chicken white meat is dry? That it is necessary to marinade it in advance in various sauces before frying, and still you might not get as soft as you want…

In reality softening fillet is not required, because it is already soft! Keeping it in marinades and mayonnaises for hours – that’s what dries it out and makes it lose its tenderness. Fillet can of course be put in marinade (yogurt, olive oil and spices, or in dry spices, but not in vinegar), though it is not necessary.

The most important thing is to cook it quickly – it should take not more than 3-4 minutes on each side. Then wrap it in aluminum foil for 5 minutes and serve it to the table. 

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