Raised on Georgian Corn
Food Safety Policy

Chirina LLC. specializes in the production of high-quality chicken meat. We aim to be the leading player both on the local and international market. Besides chicken meat, our company offers a wide range of products and services. We also provide incubation eggs, apples, and veterinary-diagnostic laboratory services.

The company implemented food safety system to ensure production of high-quality products. We are always working on policies and standards to guarantee efficient production cycle. The important part of the system is to manage employees and improve their skills. In order our company to develop it is crucial the staff to have an adequate qualifications.

Our mission for the food safety:

  • Be a guarantor of stability, safety and quality in the production and supply of poultry products;
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of the food safety management system by enhancing the effectiveness of quality assurance strategy and goals with proper planning, implementation, analysis, customer orientation, corrective and preventive measures.

In accordance to the international and local legal requirements, our goals are:

  • Product and service diversification and steady revenue growth;
  • Continuous analysis and improvement of stakeholder needs and satisfaction assessments;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of business processes, products and internal production processes;
  • Continuous improvement of staff qualifications and motivation;
  • Continuous improvement of the food safety management system;

The main causes of our success are - customer orientation, effective business processes management, modern equipment, qualified staff, and continuous product quality control.