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How to Choose a Chicken
How to store a chicken
  1. Store it in the fridge/freezer as soon as possible after buying it.
  2. Place the products in the fridge or freezer leaving enough space in between so that the air moves freely.
  3. Whichever packaging you choose, it should be airtight. This will help to retain the quality of the chicken and its taste. Do not store chicken in the freezer in a rubber packaging (rubber breaks when frozen); adhesives will not be useful either, as it cannot function when frozen. It is desirable to write a freezing date on the packaging.


Storage methods

  1. Container - modern plastic containers are very convenient as they can endure both freezing and microwaves, and can be washed in the dishwasher (see the symbols at the back of a container). Wisely selected container will also save the space in the freezer.
  2. Zip packaging - this is the most convenient form of packaging as it is made of high quality polyethylene and thanks to airtight zip does not allow neither air nor liquid inside or outside the package. It is very convenient for storing marinated meat.
  3. Aluminum foil- preserves the product well, retains the temperature. Choose a thicker material for freezing a product, so that it does not tear while defrosting. For making notes on the package, you can use a sticker.
  4. Polyester bags for food- they preserve products from losing liquid. For freezer use the thickest polyester bags.

Storage duration and temperature:



Storage duration

Frozen chicken

From -18°C to -24°C

8 months

Frozen chicken

From -2°C- to -4°C

7 days/nights

Frozen (defrosted) chicken

From 0°C- to +6°C

4 days/nights

Fresh chicken

From 0°C- to +6°C

36 hours

Ready made chicken

From 0°C- to +6°C

2-3 days/nights

Sub Products

From -18°C- to -24°C

1 month

Sub Products

From 0°C- to +6°C

24 hours

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