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How to prepare Subproducts
Sub Products

It is surprising how often we meet confusing opinions about chicken sub products. Majority of people think that this is a second grade product, and buy only because it is cheaper – liver is the least debated – because almost everybody loves liver paste.

I would advise you to forget about prejudices and try the most delicious ragout made of chicken heart and liver, fried heart, as well as julienne, which can be served to the table with pride even at the most fancy occasion.

Where to use sub products?

I explain here once more that under sub products we mean gizzard, liver, heart, as well as neck, head and feet.

  • From neck and feed they cook stock and aspic.
  • Heart and liver are the best for cooking ragout, or as a pie stuffing.
  • Liver is the best for paste, as well as for fast cooking.

Sub products are stored in the fridge in airtight container for 1-2 days.

Cooking time for sub products (minutes):

Gizzard (sauté, boiling)


Heart (sauté, boiling, frying)


Liver (boiling, frying)


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