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How to cut a Whole Chicken into Pieces

First of all we will tell you what you can cook from which part of the chicken. The key principle is simple:

  • White meat – the most delicate and light part of the chicken. It is ideal for quick frying, as well as cooking so that the meat remains soft and does not dry out.
  • Dark meat – more juicy, rich in taste and suitable for longer cooking.

More specifically:

The whole leg - often it is not divided into drumstick and thigh and is cooked on the grill or barbecue, or fried on the frying pan, or in the oven.

Thigh - is ideal for cooking in the oven and frying

Drumstickis a favorite of barbecue and grill

Wing - is most delicious on barbecue, baked in the oven and in stock

Filletis ideal for light boiling, fast cooking in the oven or frying, as well as steaming for salads and sandwiches.

Neck, head, back and feet- is best for making a stock

Heart, liver and gizzard   - is good for preparing a delicious Kuchmachi, paste, ragout and grill. 

Cutting the chicken into pieces:

  1. Put the chicken on the back and raise the skin near the neck. Touch the bone ridge in the neck cavity.
  2. With a small and sharp knife separate meat from the bone ridge, so that you can easily see it, then push the bone with the knife and separate the skin from bone with your hand, then again cover the skin.
  3. To cut the whole leg, place the chicken on the back and make the incision between the body and a thigh.
  4. Open the leg on the side and turn it so that you can open in the joint.
  5. Cut the joint. Repeat the same on the second leg.
  6. To separate a drumstick and a thigh, place the leg with the skin down, feel the joint and cut over it diagonally. Repeat the same on the second leg.
  7. To cut the wing, raise it from the body, and cut it off between the joint and the breast.
  8. With a special chicken secateurs, or a big knife, cut the breast tissue along the backbones from bottom up to the neck. Repeat the same on the second side and entirely remove the backbone/spine.
  9. Place the breast with the skin down. To cut it into half, place a knife on one side of the breast and make a cut so that the bone and meat are separated. 


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