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There are 4 main ways of defrosting a chicken: at the room temperature, in the microwave oven, in cold water or in the fridge. We do not advise you to use the first and the second methods: defrosting at the room temperature contributes to multiplication of bacteria and negatively affects taste and texture of the meat. In the microwave the heating is provided unevenly and as a result you get a meat part of which is nearly cooked, while the rest is still frozen. This is the most incorrect way of defrosting among the four methods.

The ideal method is defrosting in the fridge when the meat best retains the taste, though this method is time consuming and is suitable only for those who can plan ahead when to cook.

Defrosting in the fridge takes 9-11 hours per 1 kg of meat. Please see the table below:



450 gr. – 1 kg.

Less than 12

1-1.8 gr.

12-24 hours

1.8 – 2.7 kg.

24- 36 hours


Defrosting of the chicken in cold water is a much faster method than in the fridge – it takes 1 hour per 1 kg. of meat. In this case you place a chicken in cold water, but this method has its rules:

  1. Chicken should be packed hermetically so that water does not touch the meat
  2. There should be a running water or changed in minimum 30 minutes, so that it does not get warm and contribute to multiplication of bacteria. The process will go much faster if you add some salt. 
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